Crimson Values

At NMSU, our shared values guide not just the larger landscape, but our day-to-day activities: our attitudes, our relationships with one another, and our interactions. Our guiding values are captured in our current strategic plan: NMSU LEADS 2025: 

  • Leadership: Promoting and creating the ability for Aggies to shape the future 
  • Excellence: Providing the highest level of education, research, outreach, and service 
  • Access: Welcoming diverse populations to higher education and to the NMSU community 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Embracing our differences as an asset and actively seeking to include wide-ranging perspectives 
  • Student-Centered: Supporting the education of our students through every aspect of our university, every day 

NMSU is proud to be a Hispanic-serving institution, and a truly multi-cultural community. We are also a pathway to education and social mobility for many first-generation college students. 


One of the foundation of our values – and of realizing these values – is trust. NMSU’s Climate Survey Action Team, a group composed of representatives from across the NMSU community who work to ensure the culture of our campuses provides the most beneficial environments for all, have looked closely at perceptions of trust within and among university employees.  

sub-team dedicated to Trust note that trust is nurtured when we know that others are taking our needs and best interests into consideration. Above all, the NMSU community – from executive leadership to faculty to staff to students  must create the conditions and resources to build a strong trust culture at NMSU that is understood, valued, and participated in by everyone. We are committed to this work. 


Another concept fundamental to NMSU’s values is respect. We are committed to creating settings where respect is a norm, where each person entering our community – in person or virtually – can depend on respectful treatment. Our diversity is one of NMSU’s greatest strengths; with that comes a multiplicity of ideas, experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds. Respect allows this environment to flourish, and allows us to learn from one another.  


LEADS 2025

LEADS 2025 is the latest in NMSU’s vision to meet the needs of people of New Mexico.  By 2025, the university system will excel in promoting social mobility for our diverse population. This vision is grounded in the values of Leadership, Excellence, Access, Diversity and Student-centered education.