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About CSAT

Chancellor Arvizu and President Floros are truly committed to identifying aspects of the university that are functioning well and those in need of improvement, which are key elements to achieving NMSU LEADS 2025 goals. To demonstrate their commitment and to act on the findings from the Fall 2019 Climate Survey they created NMSU’s Climate Survey ACTION Team. Learn more…

NMSU system wide activities to address the most pressing issues.

With groups across the University system to learn what they are doing to address such issues.

These ideas so others can consider them in their areas.


CSAT Action Team Charter

As a follow up to the Climate Survey and aligned with LEADS 2025, Building the Robust University, improvement opportunities identified across the NMSU system, as noted in our email of January 9.  Volunteers on the Climate Survey Action Team will include representatives from departments across the system, representing faculty and staff from NMSU Colleges, Community Colleges, Administrative Units and groups including Faculty Senate, Employee Council and Diversity Council.  The group is charged with the following:

  • Identifying NMSU system-wide activities to address the most pressing issues;
  • Connecting with groups across the University system to learn what they are doing to address such issues;
  • Sharing these ideas so others can consider them in their areas; and
  • Tracking improvement.

Sub teams may be created to work on particular issues, for example: faculty and administration trust, internal communications, benefits, etc.

Team membership will be decided by the Faculty Senate Chair, Employee Council Chair, and representatives from the Chancellor’s and President’s Offices, with final approval to come from the Chancellor and President.  

CSAT Actions

Completed action items

  • Requested that employees be able to utilize the Aggie Cupboard Mobile Food Bank without using their leave  (Approved)
  • Partnership with Marketing & Communication on CSAT webpage
  • Partnered with members of the HR/Safety COVID Tiger team and conducted 11 employee focus group discussions in June on the following topics
    • Returning to campus
    • Improving campus communication
    • Building a trusted environment
    • Employee benefit opportunities
  • Follow-up climate survey drafted
  • Recommended to the COVID-19 Rapid Response team that a dashboard be developed to track campus activity related to COVID.   (Developed)
  • Research conducted on building trust in the work environment
  • Recommendation made by the pay and benefits committee to allow employees to seek services from the Aggie Health Center without using their sick leave (Approved)

Action to be taken

  • Update to the campus community on Action Team project
  • Walk in My “Aggie” Shoes program
  • Follow-up survey on communication in partnership with MarComm
  • Ensure that the faulty salary assessment project is completed
  • Ensure that the staff salary assessment project is completed
  • Further design out of the website
  • NMSU National recognition as a Great College to Work For
  • Development of the action plan for sustaining the Climate Action Team initiative

CSAT Members

Name Department Poistion Title Sub Commitee Appointment
Gena Jones Human Resource Services Assistant Vice President, Team Lead
Becky Corran DACC Department Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor, Public Health Team Lead
Ryan Armendariz Facilities Support Security Officer, Sr.  Pay & Benefits
Julia Benard Cadena Tech Support Services Manager Pay & Benefits
Rosa De La Torre-Burmeister Student Success Center Program Manager Communication, Pay & Benefits
Becki Graham Arrowhead Center Faculty / Project Manager Communication
Supapid Khantee International Student and Scholar Services Admissions Advisor, Univ Communication
Jack Kirby EH&S and Risk Management Assistant Director Trust
Laura Madson College of Arts and Sciences Professor of Psychology Pay & Benefits
Keith Mandabach HRTM Professor Pay & Benefits
Sheri Pettit College of Arts and Sciences Admin Asst, Special/Exec Trust
Patti Wojahn Interdisciplinary Studies Dept Head
Manal Hamzeh Al Smadi Interdisciplinary Studies Professor
Julia Barello Art Department Head Trust
Robert Moreno ACES Department Head Communication
Sonia White DACC Multi-Media Specialist Communication
Maura Gonsior Employee and Labor Relations Director Trust